Very soon, my day of eating grass is over!!!

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Financial Controller?

Getting a pay increase to stop you from resigning?

Whatever it is, i hope you get your good news. :)

Got a very good offer's tonight or the next two days....pending my FC approval :lovegrin:

My turn to guess.... HAAA

FC... financial controller...which could mean the wife. :bsmilie:

Good offer...

you 'upgrading' your current drive? HEHEHEHE :bsmilie:

Is it any of these ..........

Fried Chicken?
Funbags Clipped?
Farm Cemented
Friends Caboose?
Ferret Certified?
Am I even close .... warm maybe with at least #4


Fat Cow!
Either his pet or he's doing a career change from being a farmer! :bsmilie::bigeyes:

so did u Fa Cai last night?

Ok guys, enough guessing, here it comes :lovegrin: My precious :sweat:

Boxing day

This is probably the last shot from my trusty 4 years old D70

Out of the box quick test with my 50mm is really 50mm on FF...and sharp sharp!!!

A quick shot with my tamron 28-75...color is good...and correct!!

A quick shot with my have not seen such a wide angle with this lens before!!!

With that...i will close this thread b4 admin come and say "The thread has served its purpose" :lovegrin:

And Thank Q for all who posted in this thread...a few of you got it right :D

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