Velbon tripod

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Originally posted by franciskc
Got this Velbon tripod for SG$120 consider quite reasonable.

He gimme a price of $155 bargain till 120 with free tripod strap.
Seems like a good buy... Bought from the peninsular plaza 2nd floor dunnoe wats the name of the shop. BTW its near the toilet wan.

Actually, for this price and a bit more, can get Manfrotto already.....


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Well, I've gone on and on (just search 'mountain chaser') about Velbons, but heres one more plug for the Mountain Chaser EFL-4 vs the EFL-3 that francis bought

The EFL-4 has 4 sections and folds down to 21" vs 26" for the EFL-3 and is thus 'airline overhead baggage friendly'

The main advantage of the chasers are that they are very tall tripods and very light.

The main disadvantage is that they are incredibly flimsy and don't respond to rough treatment well.

p.s. I bought my EFL-4 for $119+GST (as listed on the website above)

Not open for further replies.