Underwater Photographers

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Mar 12, 2002
Just wondering how many people in this forum are actually underwater photographers.

I'm just getting into it and would like to share feedback and experiences.


EXPENSIVE!!! The housing alone costs more than the camera in it...:(

Well, if you're not gonna do anything below 30m, Olympus does make poly carbonate housings which lets you access ALL functions and are very affordable.

e.g. for the C20xx, C30xx, C40xx, you could use the PT-010 which costs about S$300.

With the built-in strobe of the camera, you can get decent photos underwater - but are very much limited to macros. For wide angle shots, you can add additional slave strobes later.

I have switched from the C3030 to the C40. But can't find the housing for it here in S'pore - the PT-012. Hence hoping that a colleague could get in for me in Japan.

I see that SL and Lucky Plaza do sell underwater housings for Canon and Sony digicams as well. But I don't know about the price.

Not open for further replies.