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Jan 23, 2002
actually wanna post for help...durnno if am allowed to anot for this forum..don't even know if this is the right catagory for it..wait get scolding. i'm gonna say sorrie first! SORRIE!

Went for my first night shoot everrr...was taking this...


then so happened a couple walked into the frame and pose so nicely so i quickly try and take a pic. but when i went home to see....everything turned out black...didnt dare to use flash...sekalli they throw me into the water or instead at home i try with photo shop then end up like that...


ehhhh...can anybody try to make it look betta? haha...aiyah wasted...

anyway...stadium cove got alota nice stuff to clowns and alota kids...but i am not skilful enough to take shots of them :)

WEll just to let you know, you are in the rite forums, no one will "scold" you.

Well if the pic is not in the rite CAT, it will be moved to the right one so don't worry abt it. In here, we are trying to enjoy photography that all. So wack it man!

* oh Sorry that I can't do much abt the pic..... I'm no PS guru..

Just adding my 1cent comment :p
Its VERY hard to take pics at nite without flash, especially if Ur trying to shoot non light stuffs. Our cams arent as good as our eyes...they cant see light as good as our eyes can, so at night wat U see isnt wat Ur cam can see, so when u try to take people without light sure come out very blur or nothing at all. even when taking lights of building, the shutter speed of at cam will be very slow, so a slight movement of the hand will blur the photos. the only solution is using a tripod, so that when at slow shutter speed of 1/2, U can still take good pics(of lights usually).
Generally most ppl can hold a cam steady and take photos at shutter speed of 1/100. Speed of 1/50 can also take good photo if U know how to steady ur hands and don move it.
So next time U wanna take photos, just check ur shutter speed. If its 1/50 and less, definately must use flash or a tripod liao else sure come out blur.

Not open for further replies.