some question about eos cameras

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Feb 8, 2004
Jurong West
1. what's the difference between p mode and the green button mode?

2. why is it that when i using external flash, the cam meters as if there isn't one when in Tv, Av and M mode. external flash only works in p mode and the shutter speed is always 1/90s. ???

3. Is there any way to deactivate the AF lamp on my body and use the IR assist lamp on the external flash? i using a humble eos 88

would appreciate some replies from the canon masters out there :D

P mode allows "program shift" where you turn the dial to a shutter speed, aperture combi that u prefer. Green mode disable's that. Also, the flash will pop up automatically in green mode (assuming it's popup-able).

All other modes will meter for ambient light, even if you have an external flash. Will give you nice background lighting, at the risk of camera shake.

In P mode, with a flash, the shutter speed is always locked.

1/90 is the x-sync speed of your camera body

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