*sing* smoke gets in ur nose......

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Feb 20, 2004


hahaha, dragon!!!
I can't see the stupid mistake, is it that you took pictures of smoke coming out of nose rather than dancing? lol

DarkForce said:

I so sad :( all my belly dancing shot all spoiled due to my careless stuipd mistake :cry:

Well, first time so careless but had learn a lesson now. Lucky this is not an important event.

Fortunately I still got your photos. If your photos also spoiled too then I will cry for three days three nights liao. Hee Hee. :D

What happen to your shots?
Wow, again you express yourself deeply for furry..not afraid of Sigrd's Nose- Volcanoe meh?? :dunno: :bsmilie:

DarkForce said:
Hosea said:
What happen to your shots?
Wow, again you express yourself deeply for furry..not afraid of Sigrd?? QUOTE]


Don't forget I can read ppt's mind.

Base on my analysis,

1) I got a feeling that she got boyfriend already
2) * Cannot tell you *
3) * Don't tell u *
4) * Why must I tell u ? *
By the way I am a very emotional guy you know ?

I always like to post a photos of those CS friends that I met during the outing into my "CS Friends" ablum. Because my skill is not good so I have to shoot more more and choose one loh. Poor furry, she was under stress because I spend most of the time shooting her. :embrass:

I look forward to meet you one day and I shoot u 24 hours lor. :blah:

By the way, even Mr choy and khairi also can't escape my lens . ha ha

Next target will be u and zaren. :devil:
Let those went out yesterday be the judge :bsmilie:
:sweat: Wow, like dat ah... how could I join you for outing.Will be very stressful as I am just camera shy.

DarkForce said:
Hi Hosea,

"What happen to your shots?"

Sorry, nearly forget to answer your question.

I set my camera to M mode having ISO 800, shuttle speed 200 to do some shooting at some where else.

When we reach the event location, I forgot to set to Av mode thus I use AV mode concept starting shooting with M mode setting, resultant in all over exposure. Stupid mistake , right ?

Luckily I noticed the mistake before shooting furry, or else have to date her out for re-shoot already. Ha ha ;p

:think: That's a problem many DSLR made. Must check each time before shooting.

DarkForce said:
Hi adamadam,

The nice photo u saw above was taken by furry. I was refering to my photos which were spoiled due to my careless mistaken. Therefore you will not see the stuipd mistake I made because I did not post it in CS lah. ;p

Regards :D

oh oh oh! I see!! hehe, sorry!! Didn't notice that it wasn't posted by you!
I make many mistakes... last time at a concert, camera was on manual focus, and I was wondering why it wasn't focussing... :bsmilie:

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