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Jan 18, 2002
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hope this is the correct topic to ask this...

i have an idea in mind... to piece together a short movie using photos. main effects would be dissolving to black, mixing to another photograph, mixing in of words supers etc. do not require audio at the moment.

any simple software that can do this? flash perhaps?

Ya flash will do

i think it'll take a long long time. got to get the photos, get flash software, learn flash...etc. probably need to upgrade my pc too.

it may not be interesting, cos idea is for memory of my flat, which i've stayed for my whole life, and now declared en-bloc. i'll be moving in 2004, if i want photos of my flat demolished... the result of this "idea" wil be projected at 2006 :p

any else other than flash? if i can transfer the result to video it'll be an added advantage.

Powerpoint also can, but not as nice as flash.

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