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Jan 16, 2002
To help us in providing an optimum guideline size for posting pics, please let us know your monitor resolution.

Hmmm.... I am using 1152 x 864...


Hmm...this poll does not have my screen resolution at office, which is 1152x864. At home, where I run a 19" monitor, I run at 1280x1024. But in both cases, I don't maximize my browser, which is set at around 800+ pixels wide and full height.


Ok, I have added a resolution choice for those using 1152 x 864 ;)

I have a 17" monitor in the office, hence 1024 X 768 - most comfortable.

At home, I have a 19" monitor, hence 1280 X 1024 - most comfortable.

I voted for 1152 x 864 - in the mid of the 2 resolution mentioned above.

Use the majority as the settings!:light:

I am using 1280X1024 at work (21 inch), and 1024X768 at home (17 inch).

Just like to point out that the aspect ratio for 1280X1024 is 5:4, while for 1024X768 is 4:3.

When using 1280X1024, I adjusted my moditor's HSize to maintain a physical measured aspect ration of 5:4, otherwise the pictures are a little distorted if the physical aspect ratio is 4:3.

Did anyone notice this?

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