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Feb 23, 2019
Hi there, my name is Ray, somehow my previous thread was lost when I was editing that thread. So I would like to repost and reintroduce my YouTube Channel here again. It all started out as a hobby of posting some videos and vlogs about my travel experiences on YouTube. I bought my first camera (2nd hand Lumix G85) on 2018, and wanting to keep a physical memories of my travel experiences where I can look back and share with others. I have a whole series of my 1 year New Zealand working holiday travel on YouTube, hopefully you can check it out.

After the gap year in New Zealand, I hope to take this hobby of mine a step up. Currently I would like to improve skills on videography, creativity and vlogging skills, if possible grow some audience for the YouTube Channel too. I hope there is a community to give me constructive feedbacks on where I can improve on my skills and I am also open up for collaboration on doing video content. Just DM me here if you are interested, we can talk more about it.

My YouTube Channel Name: TheRealRuiqi Give me a thumb up if you like the video and please consider to subscribe if you like my YouTube channel, it really means a lot to me. Cheers!

1 of my New Zealand working holiday series

Some of my past upload on YouTube