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Jan 18, 2002
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i saw some colleagues' photos in my office with white border. can that be printed by common shops with 35mm film or is that a special thing of other films or only to digital where u add the border b4 sending for printing?


Yes, I think it could be done at most shops.
But don't know whether they charge extra.

I used to remember my parents photos (1970's) always have white border around it.
You like the white border? Less viewable space?
I personally don't really like it.

Normally, I don't request for it.

Sometimes I requested when I need to reprint 8R (8" x 10").
(it fits into my photo album better than Super 8R (8" x 12"))
In order to maintain width of 10" & showing the entire photo at the same time,
I'll request that the image to be shrink &
the top & bottom will have a white border which I will manually crop off.
So it becomes something like 7"x10".
(The shop that I went to don't charge extra for this slight resizing)

If I reprint Super 8R (8" x 12"), which doesn't fit into my album well,
I'll laminate it. But also need to manually crop off about half an inch if laminated on A4 size sheet.
Do you guys out there laminate your precious big photos to help maintain the colour & quality?

You can come to IMAGE MILLENNIUM (my humble shop) for the above.
Ask the operator, they are able to do it with no extra charge.

Address :
Blk 28
Jalan Bukit Merah
(HDB block, opp Canon Marketing);)

jethro... you're a bit far for me. btw, is it for any kind of sizes and films? like if i want border for 4R also ok? can specify border width or not?

Hi reny, the width will be quite standard and proportionate to the size of the photo. This settings are normally presetted by someone who knows the machine and the operator will select the channel for your particular requirement.
They should have a separate channel for each particular brand and ISO number.
In this way, the fine calibration can be done and saved as each channel.
Therefore a quality photolab will still print consistently with various make of films.:cool:

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