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Jun 6, 2004
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sorry for asking such a dumb question :embrass: ...

i tried to search for a thread like this to no avail.

but what makes a camera a point and shoot?
Does it mean that if it's not a point and shoot it's an SLR?
Is the Cannon Powershot A series (A70, A75, A80) a PNS?

nope, even if it's not a point and shoot, it might not be an SLR... it can also be a rangefinder, or a large format view camera :D

Anyway, pns normally refers to compact cameras which doesn't allow you to do anything other than point the camera at what you want to photograph and let you shoot it. As cameras get more advanced however, a new term comes into play, 'creative compact'. These are still small compact cameras (as compared to SLRs), but they allow you a range of 'creative choices' not possible before. I wouldn't classify the canon A70 etc as pns, they should be creative compacts. ;)

prosumer? hmm... where do you put, for example, a dynax 40? It is kinda SLR, but its a bit pns at the same time.

PNS also affectionately known as 'PHD' - 'Press Here, Dummy'.

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