Pics from the Zoo - 20 Jan 2002

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Jan 16, 2002
Some selection of pics. Enjoy!


We were all stalking a group of four birds - don't know what they are called though. The birds got real close - less than 10ft away.


Then a group of 4 Scarlet Ibis replaced the first group of birds, and we went a-stalking again.


Moving on, spotted a flamingo preening itself.


While waiting for the lions snack-time....


... when this hummingbird decides to drop in for a visit ...


... and this curious monkey was watching the lions snack, probably thinking "Glad its not me in there...:D".

Got some lion pics too, but since already lots of lion snacking pics, may not be posting. Got some interesting shots of rty and Edmund while they were being interviewed, will post those after getting their consent.

Awesome! Woa....while your ibis and unknown birdie shots surpass the rest of ours, the monkey shot is really outstanding! Cute....

btw, the flamingo's neck seems quite sharply angled huh? Maybe it's a robotic one the zoo placed there to bump up the flock...hehheh

:eek: :eek:

what can I say .. ! super shots indeed .... esp the monkey shot .. its eyes look so real ...

WAH!!!! Me can forget about posting my photos liao... :eek:

Btw, I really really like that last monkey shot!! Beautiful!! Never actually saw it around, I must be walking around with my eyes too much... :p

wow very nice shots :what:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I am speechless!

Superb!! What more can I say.

Good thing there..

And you added the setting...

Good.. so that more people can learn from this setting.


Originally posted by Darren

... when this hummingbird decides to drop in for a visit ...


if i may, a non photographic comment - this looks more like a crimson sunbird


I think I'm gonna fall in love...:heart:

........ with your photos of cos ! :D

POWER SHOTS !!!!!!!!

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