Photoshoot in Johore, j.b, Malaysia

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Jan 17, 2002
Anyone interested in crossing over to our neighbour for a photoshoot?
Tentatively its on a saturday, time have to decide later...not sure if its a better time to go in the morning or late evening(before the sun sets, and for nite shots)

I shot some yesterday, would love to go back again. Juz sent the roll of film for developing. Hope the exposures turn out fine.

Need to find out the response first.

With valid International passports please!

I got the photos back from the shop. I will post them up as soon as i get to scan them at home. (now juz after work, at a lan shop replying this message. :) )

If response is poor...i will probably go by myself or cancel the outing. Heheh

Here's a little shot. :)


Sorry if tat im posting my photos smaller in size....i have thought of those 56k users trying to browse the forum. (Like me!!)

All those big jpegs!!! scary!!! Take so long to load up...making it a drag to even visit the threads.

My photo posts are 56k frenly!!! HEHEHEHEHE!!

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Originally posted by ninelives
count me in please.

I will check out the general response first. See how many wants to go. :)
Those who wan to go post here.

We can arrange for a later saturday other than this coming one.
Everyone's who's interested please post the times u r comfortable for shooting on saturday then we will further discuss bout it. :)

Maybe in the near future....right now theres much outings , eg. CNY light up. Hehehe

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