Photo taken at Putrajaya

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May 2, 2004
Hi, i took this photo at Putrajaya, Malaysia. While i was aiming the tall building, the visitors were walking towards the prayer hall. (D70, 18-35mm)


:thumbsup: for a good moment captured.. I like the perspective of scale and the bright colored group as a focus pt . the composition was careful and deliberate and the WA's quite amazing! But the colors are underexposed. Try tweaking it a little.

have you tried in BnW for this shot? :)

ztsen said:
thanks SniperD, but i dont know how to tweak the colour (underexpose). mind to explain further?

Okie, I went to try tweaking your pic.. quite tricky as the elements within the frame are too closely linked to each other so much so that they affect each other even when I made a subtle change to any one of them.

So I went for the more manual way - History brushes and states


After affecting the sky (for instance) your tower gets lightly washed out, so I use the History brush to "restore" the colors back to your tower while I get to keep your sky in the new color. and so on... for the pic, I presented it into a more fair weather day. And to make the pic evenly composed, I cloned out the frontmost trees as they are quite a distraction :D

A B&W version (using Red channel + burning and dodging for FX)

Have fun experimenting!

i like it in B&W.... it gives a feel of ancient Rome though the pic was taken in Putrajaya

ztsen - love the composition. :lovegrin: and after sniperD's tweaking to B&W, the contrast of the clouds in ur pics stands out even more. :thumbsup:

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