over exposed?

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Jan 23, 2002



cant see the details of the moon...it looks really bright...

am using 2800z. set EV to -1.5, which is the max liao..i think that is to decrease exposure compensation to the minimum right?

When I took my moon shots with my A40, my settings were 1/125secs, F4.8. But my zoom was much greater (which probably helped getting some of the details) than what you have.

If your shutter opens for too long, your moon will be over-exposed.


uh oh...2800z doesnt haf this kinda settings, i switched off the flash, and set EV to -1.5, (if +1.5 juz see a blob of white light) the only way i can speed up the shutter speed is if i on the flash..hmzmzmzm...oh and full 6x zoom.

whats dot metering ?

As the light from the moon is the reflected light from the sun, moon-shooting is just like shooting something under daylight - EV 15.

If the camera has manual functions, you can use the Sunny 16 rule, i.e. if using ISO 50, set the shutter speed to 1/50 sec and the aperture to f/16. If you are using a very long focal length to capture as big the full moon on a frame, a shutter speed of 1/400 sec (to minimise handshake) and an aperture of f/5.6 (there is no need for a deep depth of field if shooting just the full moon) for ISO 50 is the equivilent. :D


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