OT: Titles and Levels

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Jan 16, 2002
As some of you may have noticed, your title (Junior Member, etc) may have changed :)

Don't you agree that Junior Member, Member, Senior member is a bit too boring?

So, to spice things up, here are some teasers on the Titles you can expect to achieve :-

1st Level - 1-100 posts - Newbie with Disposable Cam
2nd Level - 101-500 posts - Amateur with P&S Cam
3rd Level - 501-1000posts - Freelancer with 35mm SLR Cam
4th Level - 1001-2000 posts - Semi-Pro with Medium Format Cam
5th Level - 2001+ posts - Professional with Large Format Cam

We will release the next two levels when the time is right .... so make sure you all upgrade yourselfs to better cameras by posting more!!!


:eek: :eek: i dun even has a disposable cam now...:p :p
gg to get mine 1st digicam after CNY..

Not open for further replies.