New Guidelines for posting in Gatherings and Outings

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Dec 18, 2003
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with reference to 2 older threads here:


please note:

1) from today onwards, this sub-forum will be solely meant for calling for Gatherings and Outings only. If you want to organise an outing for a specific day, please create only one thread just for you to post (or ask for people) names/nicks of CSers going for the outings. once the outing is over, kindly close the thread.

2) from today onwards, please do not abuse this sub-forum by creating all sorts of 'location-specific' threads. ie. asking for who lives in woodlands (or some other places), or asking for who are in NTU/NUS/what have you kind of lists. all such exisiting lists are henceforth closed and any such lists posted here will be summarily deleted. if you want to have such a list, post in Kopitiam please.

3) unless otherwise stated, all gatherings and outing threads posted here are presumably for all CSers. any outings/gatherings that are meant for specific groups, please indicate in your titles.

4) if you want to have some space to post organisation details (e.g meeting times, places etc...) you may do so in your specific threads. however, rule (1) still applies; please close it off after the event is over. all other OTs or discussion not related to the specific outing, please do it in kopitiam or in PM/emails. any OTs will be summarily deleted.

5) this is also not the place to call for people to join you on your holidays.... there are better websites for this purpose.

your cooperation in keeping this sub-forum managable is kindly appreciated.

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1. For any Gathering and Outing which involves collection of money from participants, even if it is not for profit, permission (via PM) must be sought from the Admin or Mods Before Posting here.

The thread will be deleted and infraction be given or even de-registration for any failure to comply.

Threads on this forum has to have a Date of the Outing. Any threads without any dates or "never ending" outing type will be deleted or sent to kopitiam.

This is not a place to gather any feedback on location etc etc.

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