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    I'd just like to know where you took the photo that is displayed as your avatar, the plane taking off?

    I'd like to do a series on planes landing/taking off. i don't know the area that well, been to Changi Beach but was wondering if there are any better locations to shoot from?

    i would like to do my first posting here and i was thinking of where it would be most appropriate. i work at a music school and we are doing quite a huge concert this March and was thinking if there would be any photographers interested in trying out concert photography. There's good music, wonderful lighting (though fairly dark - thus the challenge) and a fair load of cute kids on stage rocking it out.

    The school is not asking for any credit whatsoever but i am always on the lookout for undiscovered, potentially great concert photographers who may be on the lookout for such events. i would like to offer them Crew Passes for that event for any interested parties.

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