mount FUJI japan

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Jan 31, 2002
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just back from seoul for holiday..anyway i got took the pucture of MOUNT FUJI from plane..look quite cool..but i don't know how to post it here..cannot share liao....:(

Hi ck0112,

First you need to upload the pics to a server that allows direct linking (eg. fujifilm, coolconnect, etc.). Then when you are editing your post, just click the IMG button on top and fill in the URL to the picture. Look forward to see your shots. :)

P/S: the URL for fujifilm is,

i already follow the instruction..but what i want is to post the picture here like others??not follow the url...please help again...pai seh:confused:

Ok 2 things:
1. Please resize your pic to 700 or less on the wide side. I always uses 550 for shots from DC and 600 for shots from film.
2. Try again with the IMG button. The pic will appear in the post. While editing, just click the IMG button at the vB Code section, then fill in the URL to the pic in the pop up dialog box.

And thanks for sharing. ;)

When you are editing the text, look above the editing box. There is a "vB Code" section. The IMG button is there along with other buttons. It allows you to link to your pics by automatically embedding vB codes to your post.

yea..i can post liao........hahaha's damn big to resize..hahaha:bsmilie: :bsmilie:

If you have Photoshop, use photoshop to resize. If not, get IrfanView. You can get it free from here:

Please also try to keep the file size below 100k. There are many other members still using 56k dialups, and big files are big problem to them.

ops.sorry..then i delete my picture la..anyway thx ziploc for ur help.really appreciate.

Don't worry about it. And you are welcome. Hope to see more of your shots. :)

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