More zoo shots on 12/05/02 (part II)

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Feb 20, 2002



I like the third shot.

Thanks guys for your compliments:)

Originally posted by Doods

May i know the specs of your camera to capture all these photos?
Doods, I am glad to share the settings with you. I used flash to take all photos here. Normally I set to M (Manual) model when using flash. For a 70-200mm lens handheld, I use 1/200s at F8 most often. But here are some problems to be noted. If my subjects are very close to me (say 2~3m) and not flat, I would get lack of DOF problem, as shown in the 1st shot. And often I cannot find a mid-tone object in the dark to meter. If I use camera's metering value, then the pix will turn out darker. The solutions could be in two ways: one is to compensate 1 stop to get the correct metering; the other is just to shoot with default camrea metering and go back to edit. The 2nd solution is not good but for digital camera is ok. Why? because I found I often forgot to turn back the meter after taking the shot. Then the next few shots may be over-exposed. Digital camera has advantages of being better in recovering the details in shadow. But now I am trying not to use the 2nd solution, bad habit is not worthwhile in keeping. The rest part will be easier, camera will take care of flash power etc. If it's too dark to use AF effectively, turn to manual focusing and shoot. Anyway, I still need some touch in PS to make the final results look better.

Hope it answers your question?;p

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