moment of impulse - Red

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seem like all photography can't help it to take
the phtoto of a woman in Red must be that color of lust or the color of impulse .

here a photo of woman in red in kuming
at the local music park - where people listen
to great music and at the same time perform to others. is a kinda social life for them
and when i say music park i mean chinese style
er-hu , pipa , guzhen , and opera singing .


FM2 50mm len

feel free to comment .


I think I can "see" what you are trying to capture, however I feel you were probably limited by your lens range, using a 50mm. Had you used a telephoto, say a 85mm or 105mm, which would bring you closer you would be able to eliminate the other people (distracting) and focus on the woman in red.

The picture also looks quite unaturally contrasty? taken on slide film? or maybe its your scanner?

Just my comments.


:) to me the swift of attention is very cool .

if you seen the other posting " LIfe "

The place is a park and alot of people is there .the photo is some how a zoom in already . the surrounding people is my contrast for the girl who turn and look look . but the main focus is the rest who is so into the music by the musian that nobody notice my existen there .

is a contrast from my point of view .even small kid is putting their attention on the performer .

Like a pub is a place to be seen and be seen . same rule apply there , when i took the photo . the ger in red might be socializing in her own way there . ( which i assume ) so is nature for her to turn and take notice of people her age .
The contrast of Age

The psycology of the shot .

what is more fun then the very mind that agree and disagree

i like this v.much.

everyone is looking at the stage or whatever
and u just managed to catch the lady looking at u.

stole ur pic and saved in my pc to look at in my free time.

i promise not to pass it off as mine -- besides everyone knows i dont take pics of people much.. cos my cam cant capture moving people.. pics of my nephews always reminds me of the 90s tv-show THE FLASH...

great pic!!! more more more!


very nice. I think the red top helped isolate the subject apart from her turned head.


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