Megaweb, shall we go out this Sunday?

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Feb 20, 2002
Probably can invite more people to go with us if u r free. Suppose you are more familiar with them so let u decide the time and venue.

Many thx.


no problem for me .. just that I do not know where to go ... some of them like Bluestrike , keito and Fundee also ask me .......

Suggested places like
1. Jurong Bird Park
2. Zoo
3. Botanic Gardens

any comment ?

hehe, i will give u a big headache: UP TO U;p

Wahhh.. online dating ah?? Megaweb in hot demand.

:D :D

Alternative places:
1) P. Ubin
2) S. Buloh
3) Sentosa
4) Bukit Timah
5) East Coast Parkway
6) Orchard Road

Originally posted by Simon
I'm going JBP on saturday
When? I have to work half day on Saturday.

Originally posted by megaweb

I think we postphone until next week .....

how abt next Sat Zoo ?

Why not go sungei buloh? Go there early lar.. ard 7am reach there. ;p Or earlier to see sunrise .. just a suggestion ;p

What time u normally reach there?

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