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Apr 19, 2002
I have difficulty staying logged in to Clubsnap from home at night. I have to re-login multiple times, just to post a single message. Sometimes when it's bad, I'm get back to the login screen immediately after I get the 'Thank you for logging in' message.

No, I'm sure that it has nothing to do with my browser settings, as it works fine during the day.

Being someone with a PHP/MySQL background myself, I'm very interested to see how the session management is being done here.

Session management is done through cookies which have to be enabled on your browser.

So if you are experiencing problems with staying logged on, check your cookies settings. No one else has reported problems outside of this so far (as an aside, I use multiple browsers on different PCs both at home and at work and have no problems).

Good Luck! ;)

Yes i know that cookies are used.

How are you managing your session ids?

Originally posted by munfai
Yes i know that cookies are used.

How are you managing your session ids?
ClubSNAP is running on vBulletin forums s/w, and from a quick look, session ids are stored in your cookies.

I'll need to know:
- which browser are you using - version number also pls.

Please try this:
- in your User Profile, enable "Remember Username and password"
- clear your cookies
- relogin and see if the same problems occur

Btw, your cookies are set to expire in 15mins if you are reading/composing a post and do not click any links. Obviously, if you're set to autologin, you won't get this problem of being asked to relogin.

I'm using MSIE 6.0.2600.0000CO both at home and at work.

Cookies are enabled, always.

Unfortunately vBulletin is not under GPL, so I can't peek at the source myself.

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