Little Terns (Sterna albifrons)

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Mar 15, 2003
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Little terns are among one of those terns that can be found in Singapore at certain period of the year. While the spot light has been focused mainly on black-naped terns (that have graced our currency notes and stamps), little terns on the other hand seemed to be overlooked. Perhaps not much is known of them. Some think they are resident while others think they are migratory. They are classified as a nationally threatened species (Birds-An Illustrated Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore by Lim Kim Seng & Dana Gardner).

In fact, little terns are rather interesting creatures that change its plumage, colour of its bill (to yellow with black tip from original blackish colour) and legs (to orange or yellow from blackish colour) when they are in breeding mode. They are smaller in size as compared to the black-naped terns. I find little terns most attractive when they are in breeding mode.

With sightings of little terns at coastal areas and in land recently, I thought I should post some of these images taken from my existing collection, in hope to share it with all nature lovers. It so happened that they landed close to my boat and I was able to have some close shot of them.

Happy viewing!


1) A curious little tern


2) Little tern scratching


3) Little tern in flight



Wonderful shots! :thumbsup: I love the tern in flight shot. The Little Tern Scratching shot is also well captured, cute moment there. :D And the first shot, wonderful blue background and details. You tamed the whites well there, although the sun must have been blazing.

Well done mate, keep shooting!

Garion/Madcat II,

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the sun was blazing hot. Free sun tanning. :D


I simple all the 3 shots. Flawless compositions I must say. :thumbsup:

Got anymore? Do share .... :)


Thanks for the comments! ;)

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