Jobless and no where to go.

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Jan 17, 2002
Spend some time shooting in Johore on a Saturday, here's some shots.

Camera: Nikon FE-10, 28mm sigma, 35-70mm nikon, 70-210 tamron
Film: Agfa iso 200 (which i feel its inferior, colors are drab after i got them back from the shop, touched up auto contrast in photoshop, some converted to b&w)


A homeless guy staring out to sea along the beach shore.
Using 70-210 i zoomed in from far. Actually wanted to show contrast between his blue jacket and the green sea in the background, but the colors turned out bad on photo, so converted it to b&w


A homeless man sleeping just outside a pharmacy's entrance.


Is it all tat bad in Johore? Numerous homeless and jobless people. Will it get worse with the current reccession?


Not all decided to give up hope in life. There are still many who thrive on small business to keep up with spiralling expenses.

Can't really see the faces clearly, especially the first picture, where the face is too dark and there are too many burnt out areas.

The best potential is this one, but it might have been better to get a shot perpendicular to the sleeping guy, so that you can clearly see the medicines on display in the window:


Then you can have U2 singing in the background:

"The rich stay healthy, the sick stay poor."

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