is this deal 'alright'??

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Although a complete blur newbie to photography, I somehow bought the coolpix 995. Been my dream digicam for some time, so damn excited. It's my first post in this forum too, so please help me newbie....

$1050 (GST included), can claim Nikon 64MB RAM (or is it 32MB RAM) from Leng Kee Road by end of this month.

how's the price? I only know it has to be less than $1100.

One note about Alan Photo (I bought the digicam from them).....I did not find the service bad at all. I was served by a slim, not so tall guy who just gave me the facts I wanted and did not pester real hard. nor did he change price when I went in the 2nd time to buy from him.

Is it because I have been conned of the price (i.e. it is supposed to be even cheaper) or is it that their service is good?

Anyway, I'm beginning to love the camera already...

I just redeemed the 64Mb CF card. The brand is Sansdisk. Came with a plastic cover, securely wrapped in plastic and with small manual inside…


Buy already don't worry about the price too much, just go out, shoot, and enjoy yourself. ;)

What a wonderful dream to realise. Enjoy! :cool:

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