IR on my Handphone Camera

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moos blues

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Nov 12, 2003
Pasir ris
Hi all,

First and foremost, it's been great that so much effort has been put into this section. It's really quite cool.

Warning, these pics are not your pristine IR pics which you usually find here,
and coming from a HP camera it's not that great, but still plenty of fun.

no flames k? ;p


The shot itself is just a surreal view outside my window, like how the IR effect is not present in the shade and pink trees! why not.

Details on picture & post processing:

The camera is from a Nokia 6300
I've used film leaders from a developed roll of time (stacked twice one layer was still too bright)
Tungsten WB

Channel swapping from the CS IR sticky
Ektachrome 100GX simulator

Stuff i want to try:
Night mode(long exp) would prob give me a less noisy pic
different white balances
The neutrality of the filter material(brownish orangee) makes the colour, well, as seen above.


Almost Japaneses print-like :heart:


Like this autumn shot very much


Indoors, spooky and gloomy the IR acts differently from visible light

Maybe this is more suited for the alternative photography forum :bsmilie:

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