Initial Impressions

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Jan 17, 2002
Hi, finally migrated here!

Must say that this forum is much faster and more comfortable to navigate, cleaner too! Great job, really appreciate the effort. :)

Only thing I can't get used to is that all new posts are scattered among the different topics. I'm still a bit stuck to the HWZ's one-page-see-all pattern (at least for the DC&P forum alone). I think with the topics categorised, I'll tend to overlook the newbies topic. But it's a great idea, more organised and systematic, I'll get used to it in no time. :)

Hey btw, I read somewhere that each of us will get 20meg photo space. How to go about doing that? Thanks!

Hi Tweek,
Welcome to our alternative home - which is more suited to our needs as Photographers - the categorisation will be very helpful in the long run, rather than the jumbled ROJAK that is posted in ONE category in the HWZ Forum. :D

As for the 20MB (or 10MB/15MB we have not finalised yet), we are working on a more elegant (and more automated) interface for the members to get access. We will definitely announce when that is available.

Alternatively, you can do what I do, click on the "View New Posts" link in the top right corner of the main page.

Personally I find too many different topics liao.. wah.. blur siah.. :p

Wah u dig so old thread out! I was wondering why these ppl bother to ask for a 20mb storage space:bsmilie:

Sometimes looking at old thread is fun. I still have my 120MB hard disk :bsmilie:

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