How Young?

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16 years here, waiting for o-level results in anguish.
Fuji 6900z user with negligible experience.. or so I suppose :what:

Living in Bishan and selling part-time backside at Bugis and Telok Blangah.

Originally posted by yurona
24 male working in bishan, stay in jurong west.
newbie photographer with 1 week old oly c700uz
some years cichlids keeper

u working in J8??

i stays in bishan...anyone else?

me 20/m jurong west here.. camera yet....
currently using canon t70...very old camera liao.

next on my list most prob is olympus c2100uz..waiting for a reasonable price..


i'm 25/m working at tg.pagar
stay at paya lebar
using canon G2 and nikon FM

Originally posted by copland

I live in Bishan too. many pple in Bishan and Jurong west

i stays in Blk 120 in bishan, and i study in jurong west (NTU to be exact)

how abt u?

btw can u all see what is the camera in my avatar? some pple ask me if it is Pro90

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