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Jan 18, 2002
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I am having problem focusing right with some insects shots. Any tips that the masters could provide? I can't get the focus to be on both the insects. How could I increase the depth of field?


Exposure time: 1/320 (0.00313)
Shutter speed: 1/317.92
F-stop: 2.5
Focal length: 21.0000
Aperture: 2.6563
Metering mode: 5
Subject distance: 0.6680

+4 +2 +1 stacked. No tripod with a shivering hand.

Hi foxfire,

I am no master but perharps I can offer some help. Fist of all you need to use a tripod since you are stacking 3 close up filters and will be using low shutter speed. The aperture needs to be stopped down (set to narrow aperture) to f/8 or above to have larger DOF (and hence slower shutter speed). Stopping down will also help to reduce edge drop off due to so many close up filters stacking together. If the DOF is really very narrow that you cannot get the whole insect in, then you need to watch where you are focusing, and most of the cases this would be the head/eyes of the insect.

Hope that helps :)

The depth of view is extremely shallow when you stacked up the filters, thus resulting in a small part (middle part of the body) in focus. To increase the depth of view, use a smaller aperture (bigger number) like F8 or more.

Appreciates all the advice given. Thanks.

it is quite difficult to focus the eye using auto focus .. this is due to the its body color is more contrast than its eyes ...

to improve the shot
- use a tripod
- set apeture size to F5.6 to F8 <-- ensure you have enough shutter speed like 1/200
- use closeup filter and lock the focus .. try to move ur dc to focus the object
- use fill flash if available
- always have enough lighting

the above tips are just to take a better object shot ... have not cover the composition techniques ...

Originally posted by megaweb
the above tips are just to take a better object shot ... have not cover the composition techniques ...

Forgive me if I sound like I am trying to leap before I learn walk. But what tips on composition could be given for this type of shot?

with close-up filters, the best focussing point is infinity. set you camera to infinity focus and move it to focus. a focussing rail (costs about $66) would help.

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