Help! Looking for Good Professional Photographers in Asia.

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Nov 28, 2007
I'm actually looking for photographers based in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

My club is planning an event called "Around Asia in 80 Days" and we need to find photographers who are willing to participate.

Does anyone have any contacts or know of any good professional photographers who are quite known in any of these places? Or, any other location in Asia would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Please do take note that this is not a paid assignment but its a project which we intend to collaborate with the photographers. :)
It will end with an exhibition.

If you are still interested, please do send an e-mail to

Thank you.

Why don't you try Vietnam??? My country is a lovely and peaceful with many places you can shoot. If you want, I can contact some good photographer for you there.... And maybe you can have something new.... cheer for the good idea

Hi... u can contact me for indonesia +628161816097 or
what kind of photo service u want?


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