Happy Chinese New Year to all ClubSNAP members!

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Jan 16, 2002
On behalf of the Admins, Moderators and SuperUsers of ClubSNAP, we wish all members a Happy Lunar New Year and may the Year of the Boar bring good health and prosperity (along with your new [insert brand here] camera, lenses and other photographic equipment).

May we all also continue to share, discuss and expand our knowledge of all things photographic and make this a community for all.

all of you too.... esp. all who work hard behind the scenes to keep CS up...looking fwd to a brand new " GOLDEN PIGGY" year :)

Yeah. Merry Christmas to all!


Happy New Year and Best wishes.

Gong Xi Fa Da Cai to you all.

Wish you all Dragon Horse Sperm God!!!

Happy new year to fellow clubsnappers !! ;)

May ur snapping skills bu bu gao sheng !! :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday To All!!!!!

It's Everyone's Birthday Today!!!!!!:)

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