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Jan 16, 2002
The new software platform together with the integrated Media Gallery provides members with several different ways to share their images. Here is a guide to illustrate how each of the different methods work.

Attachments Directly Into Threads/Posts
This is the quickest way to embed an image into your posts, but it comes with some limitations. Images will be resized to a maximum of 600 pixels on either side.

You can drag and drop images into the thread/post and the image will be uploaded automatically in the background, or you can use the Attach Files option below the text area.

Dragging and dropping an image will display the full-sized uploaded (remember, max 600 pixels) image in your thread like so:-


You can also choose to only insert a thumbnail by clicking on the THUMBNAIL option underneath, which will result in the following:-


Using the ATTACH FILES option - a file selection dialog box will open up and you can select one or more image to upload. The uploaded files will be displayed under the text area :-


And you can then insert either the Full Image or Thumbnail wherever your cursor is placed in the text area.

The second method would be to use the Media Gallery as the "storage" location for your images. You can create your own Personal Albums in the Media Gallery or you can upload to the available categories.

Posting images in this manner is slightly longer as you would first need to upload to the Media Gallery and then link the image to your threads, but this allows for a higher quality image as images in the Media Gallery are resized to a maximum of 1200 pixels on either side.

To add media to the Media Gallery, click on the Add Media button:-

Select a Category:-

Click on Upload File and select file(s) from file selection dialog box:-

Enter captions and details:-

Save and display image(s).

After uploading to the Media Gallery, the next step is to link or embed the image to your thread/post.

Gallery Embed function in text editor
Click on the Camera icon on the toolbar to embed media directly from the Media Gallery. If you are unable to click on the Camera icon, you may need to toggle to WYSIWYG mode by clicking on the Gear icon on the far right of the toolbar.


A popup with your images that are available in the Media Gallery will be displayed.


Click on one or more images and click continue. The image(s) will be embedded into your thread :-

Embedding images this way puts them in a frame with captions and details.

Another way of displaying images from the Media Gallery is to use the [ IMG] bbcode method which is the standard method of linking images in almost all forums software.

There are shortcuts to the various types of links which can be found on the lower right of the image when viewed in the Media Gallery. The following are the links shown for the stork image above.

Click on the Copy icon under the Copy Image BB Code caption and paste it into the thread. The link will look like this if viewed in non-WYSIWYG mode -

And the image will be shown like this:-

Using the IMG bbcode method will give the largest possible image. Compare this with the Gallery Embed image in the previous post.

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