Freelance Long Term Photographers and Videographers wanted


Oct 30, 2010

I'm hiring freelancer (photo and video) currently.

We mainly do kids birthday parties and some corporate events (to a lesser degree).

Looking to hire photographers & videographers who are good at candid documentary style, can deal with low-light shooting environments and can interact well with kids.

Payment ranges from $80/hr onwards for photographers and $150/hr onwards for videographer, depending on your portfolio & experience.

Do email me at in this format:

Subject: 'Clubsnap Application - Photographer/Videographer' -> whichever is applicable to you

Short intro about yourself and what you shoot most/enjoy shooting most
Current commitments (are you working a full time job, schooling)
Availability (e.g. weekends only, weekday night + weekends)
Current gears
Phone number (let me know if you prefer whatsapp or telegram)
Link to portfolio

Please do not PM me as I won't be active here.