FREE Digital Image Recovery software

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Originally posted by kamwai
wow...sounds great...finally u can recover files that u accidentally deleted....

Yap its nice software and it works well .
Specialy with USB readers .

Do not scan your hard drive , becauce you will not know what to do 12000 images :)

Tried the software... very interesting.. I tried deleting some photos on my MS.. and it recovered not only it but the previous shoot I had as well..

I didn't work however, when I formatted the MS using my Sony F707... no images recovered... I guess the 707 must have been one of the few cameras that totally overwrites the sectors upon formatting..

The Smartmedia cards uses 12 bit file system , the windows uses 16 or 32 bit .
The Sony flash memory i do not know !!
Its possible that the software does not know the Sony file system .

Or you just have right .

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