Evo 8 GSR

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Feb 25, 2002
Took these just now at sunset... a pal's Mitsubishi JDM Lancer Evolution VIII GSR





Think shall need to borrow another 550EX and do a multi strobe lighting next time.

So you are a car enthusiast :lovegrin:

MOD THA CAR !!! change the bumpers.. change the side skirts, change the rear bumper and change the spoilers and install Sun roof and last but not least add in the nasty NOS...... HAHAHHAHAH.. kidding... :blah:

gd stuff, changed my impression of evo, used to think they are just silly yellow cars with big spoilers. now u managed to make them look sexy. ;)


#1 was ok.. wish could get the car to turn its head a wee bit more.. :)

besides that, the rest look weird..wasn't complimentary to the car's nature...
..wonderful background though!

good try pro! :thumbsup: trying to get spotted for the upcoming motorshow? :bsmilie:

glennyong> don't need to mod lah.. these monsters in japan travel around even without spoilers...the art of deception i say!

hmm, i would really prefer the car to be shot with suffiecient light. Its unlike taking a human with a landscape behind... the car needs to come out more..

but then again, if you are shooting for fun, then its ok. :)

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