End of Another Day

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End of another day, another sunset. This was today's sunset.

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Great colours you have there :thumbsup:

Both are good, but if I have to choose, I'll take #1 :)

wow.. so fast process and post liao... good stuff.. make me wanna go develop my slide film even faster and earlier :bsmilie: :bsmilie:

Thanks Brandon

SY, the beauty of digital is that you get instant gratification ;p of couse at the loss of resolution, richness in colors etc compared to slides. So might as well take advantage of it. :bsmilie:

The sky was quite unbelievable, just look at the intensity of the orangy sky!

IMO, for a successful sunset/sunrise picture to work, focal interest in the foreground/background is important unless the clouds/sky can hold itself on its own. Unfortunately, either way I can't quite see it in this set of pictures. The lack of a visual anchor kept the viewers "floating" around.

I see you have tried to minimise the uninteresting blob of black at the bottom which is good. But, looking at the wide angle perspective now with undefined silhouette, personally I would rather make do without any foreground/background.

Unless a telephoto like a 200mm/300mm lens was commissioned, I would like to emphasise on the silhouette of the crane at the distant... You may want to mimick the effect by cropping your original file to emphasise the crane.

An idea of what I was trying to say:



Examples of clouds/sky that can hold itself on its own as a picture without foreground or background interest would look something like this:



If anyone realised, I personally see that "little dark cloud" in the above 4 cropped pictures as a strong visual anchor...

agree with jasphotography...thanks for sharing!

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your constructive critics and taking the time to show some fine examples of how you would do it. I do really appreciate and learn a few good pointers. These are indeed valuable lessons and I am indeed grateful.

Warmest Regards

Peng Eik

oooh, excellent advise from jasphotography!! Thanks!

And thanks Peng Eik for providing the materials for the lesson! :)


ok ok, better write something quick before my PC hang on me... :cry:

Just changed my power supply unit and hope it works fine.

Anyway... I see this 2 pictures of Peng Eik with a lot of potential of being a great shot, and so are quite a few sunrise/sunset photos posted in CS by other members.

I noticed some of you have captured brilliant sunrise/sunset which I didn't even know they exist in Singapore...

..... to be continued in case my pc hang any minute now .....

Most of the sunrise/sunset pics I have seen here lack immediate focal interest to first lock viewers' attention before allowing the viewers to explore on their own.

Well, as we all know, talk is easy. Singapore hasn't got much clean and aesthetically pleasing foreground/background in silhouette that can make a sunrise/sunset a real keeper... or maybe we have not explored enough...

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