[drumma] - A Photo A Week

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some fave shots from a wedding dinner shoot..




i love #2 best....it's as if the whole world is spinning in a combination of celebration, champagne and cheer.

I like this shot a lot. Thanks for sharing the photo. Well taken. I saw your wedding pics at the MUGS forums as well... realised that you were the same person. LOL. Well taken photos. You are pretty good! :thumbsup:

hi again!!

it's been awhile and during this rainy season, most shots are done in indoors.

my first try with this concept. had the concept long time ago when i saw pics from post ur desktop threads over at other forums and was very inspired.
so here's my go at it..


here's another photo taken this week also. this is one of the parts from my mom's sewing machine. back then when we were younger, my mom worked at home with a sewing machine sewing bedsheets and curtains. because she wanted to take care of us, that's why she had to work indoors for a living. and this is a stand which holds the rolls of thread together.
hope u enjoy these pics!


i think that ur concepts are cool...great stuff

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