do you set the contrast all the way up?

do you set the monitor contrast all the way up?

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Jan 16, 2002
the gamma correction of photshop advice us to set the contrast all the way up. hmm, ain't it too bright?

the reason I make this poll is because it is pain in the neck by doing all the color / contrast/ brightness/gamma correction with every scan job. so whose setting is more accurately? do i stick to my own setting?

if its too bright then turn down the brightness (either by monitor's controls or software controls) not the contrast...

It's not too bright, nor too contrasty! You'll get used to it after a while.

Yes, you have to set the contrast all the way up, and then adjust black point (normally by turning down the brightness).

Even though I use hardware colorimeter, the workflow remains the same: turn up contrast, adjust brightness, and only then do hardware calibration.

Once properly calibrated, it won't be "too bright". You need to adjust the monitor gamma as well. You can do that by eye, using a tool like Adobe Gamma, or by hardware, e.g. ColorVision Monitor Spyder.


I find it too bright wat i do is leave the monitor's settings alone calibrating it. Then reduce the brightness using my video card's software and then save the profile.

So when I need to do scanning, I just "uncheck" the colour profile.

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