Digital Photography Seminar with R. Ian Lloyd

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Jan 17, 2002

Digital Photography Seminar with R. Ian Lloyd


Award Winning R. Ian Lloyd will be holding a half day Digital Photography Seminar presented by National Geographic and Sony in Singapore and Hong Kong. During this seminars, Ian will be presenting the works he has done for National Geographic and the techniques he uses to produce his award winning photography.

He will be also introducing the features of the New Sony Digital Still Camera DSC F707, and presenting excellent images that he took from DSC F 707. So, hurry! Register early to avoid disappointment .
( Seats availability - 50 only )

Registration Fee : FREE

Date : 9th March, 2002
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Venue : Phoenix Hotel
Orchard Road ( Near to Somerset MRT)
Sunflower & Rose Room


Seminar Run -down

Time Event

2:00 - 2: 25pm
Registration starts

2:30 - 3:00pm
Seminar starts
Ian will share his experiences as a professional photographer and his work with National Geographic follow by a 5 min video on "Spirit of Asia" in conjunction with his book

3:00 - 4:00pm
Video presentation follow by demonstrating and discussing the features of Sony Digital still Camera DSC F 707

4:00- 4:30pm
Coffee Break

4:45 - 6:00pm
Slides presentation (Images from DSC F707)
Q & A

NOTE : Seats availability will be based on first come first served basis.
Last day of registration - 4th, March

Download Registration Form

wah..only 50 seats? i am interested but dunno if i will be free to go...can sign up first then decide later?

who else are going??

esp. F707 owner...

Yes, Only 50 Seats, register early to avoid disappointment.

I've registered a day after this post was up but there was no return confirmation... guess will just turn up.. think it would be good if you bring a corporate name card... look more official and they might accommodate you even if there is no seats left (at most stand only)

Hey.. anyone knows whether the attendance is confirmed? Will they call or any form of notification??

Has anyone got any news on whether if their registration has been confirmed?

Juz a few more days to go...

Originally posted by alba
Has anyone got any news on whether if their registration has been confirmed?

Juz a few more days to go... is This saturday...but still no reply from the orgnaiser leh..

Hmm got no reply either. So should I go or not?

Hey guys,

I have just got a reply from Anna Lim of National Geographics.
Apparently she was unaware of the existence of other public photographical forums and only sent the confirmation list to Photographical Society, thinking they were the only ones signing up.

If you have no news from her, than it's GOOD NEWS. Meanz that your name is in; otherwise you would have been informed.


I just received an SMS from someone (presumeably Anna) confirming that I have a place at tomorrow's seminar.

UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot go, so at least, there will be one extra space available.....

Check if your name is in.

Soo Chai Chew
Chung Seow Lim
Jodie Chan
Willy Foo
Ng Heen Wei
Yee Pui Chung Steven
Yap Jee Na Sandie
Sebastian Song
Dr. Ian Austin
Ho Tai Yip
Edgar Lee
Samuel Chow
Kwa Tong Yong Tony
Tan Chin Tiong
Chew Wai Meng
Alvin Ang
Kheng Fook Ling Tony
Lee Chin Lim
Hozen Ngoh
Ong Hock Seng
Lim Kim Seong
Ang Kwang Teu
Royston G. Cordeiro
Rosalind Chun
Ong Lee Yun
Michelle Tan
Cheong Yew Mung
Wu Pei Wu
Yap Kim Kiat
Watson Lau
Joan Kuan
Darren Lau
Simon Goh
Lim Choon Weng
Ng Cheng Kiang
Tan Boon Tat Edmund
Teo Boon Hwee
Peter Cheng
Edwin Cheng San
Yeo Yeow Kwang
Ong Swee Huat
Terry Yuen
Chan Kum Wai x2
Seah Lin Hong
Lee Chee Ming
Matthew John
Roch Koh
Tan Ping Ping
Lee Kong Keong
Alan Theophilus Tan
Koh Cher Wen
Steven Sin


Most probably neither can I... not having heard from them for so long, I thought all the seats were taken oledi..

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