D70 guide by Thom Hogan

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Apr 27, 2004
For all D70 users out there, Thom Hogan has recently released a guide book (e-book) for D70. It was so hot that he ran out of CD-ROMs and had to close the ordering for a few days just to clear the backlog. :bigeyes:


Cost is US$39.90 inc. international shipping. Just bought one today. Don't know if it's any good but dpreview users seem to like his work on the D100.

Maybe not worth the money, but there's only one way to find out for myself... :bsmilie:

His guides are pretty well written. Had a chance to browse through his D100 and S2 Pro guides that some friends had gotten, so I put in an order for the D70 book on the day it was released. Should be getting it on Mon or Tue.

Now I'm waiting for the eBook 2nd edition of his Flash Guide.

cool ... if only i can put the pdf in D70 itself !! and read from there

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