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Feb 8, 2002
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erm.. i know this must be rude, but i saw tons of HongKongers doing this after lunch. :)

Singapore also can find! Go to the Lecture Theater / Tutorial room in your nearest Secondary sch/poly/jc and you can find tons of those.

sleeping gas hits the streets hahaha :kok:

Originally posted by Flare
hahahha... Last time we have synchronized sleeping in class whenever we have clinical chemistry lectures...

synchronized sleeping in class is so common now at my school.. hehe ... all pulling 'G's... hehe

That one is not sleeping... is unconcious...

"Did I leave my brains back there?"
"Hey you should see how my puke flies up!"
"If I puke some more i'm gonna drown in my mask"
"Its over? I thought I just closed my eyes a little"
"No...No... my vision is narrowing.... need wide angle lens...."


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