Comparison between a D1x and a EOS-1D

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note that extreme tech is a 'branch' good old PC magazine for some wondering about its respectability.

Note that in their tests, The Olympus E-20 has higher resolving power than the EOS-1D ;)

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There is a short write up regarding the 2 top of the range D-SLR.

There is also a short history on the lenses by Nikon and Canon.

Please refer to the link for more information:,3396,apn=2&s=1009&a=23915&ap=1,00.asp

Enjoy reading.

It's also good to note that they didn't get Nikon's lens lineup accurate either.

the 1000mm SCT is still in production as is the 2000mm and the 800mm manual focus lens and nikon have 14mm in production as well as the fisheyes etc. No mention that the D1x can use any of the MF lenses from yesteryears either including the 13mm f5.6 etc.

Yeah well, the problem is that site is not run by photographers.

There are other inaccuracies as well. Like AF-S being introduced in 2000. And other stuff. They've ignored a lot of other points like shooting speed, frame rates, etc. That is, they've generally forgotten the photography element.

What kind of idiots go to a tech site to read about photography? :p

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What kind of idiots go to a tech site to read about photography? :p

I am one of them...:D

Anyway, I didn't know that the article written is not accurate. However, it did gives me an introduction to the lenses' history.:p

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