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Jan 17, 2002
Having read what Luminous Landscape had to say about street photography, I realized that sniping someone from afar with a 70-200mm lens is not it (well, not all of it, anyway).

I took the advice to get REAL CLOSE with a 20 mm lens. You know, get to know the people you photograph, chat with them, take a portrait that really shows who they are, and the life they live.

This guy is the cleaner in a condominium. He is a real photo enthusiast! He is presently saving up for a Nikon F80, and was excitedly telling me about all the features it had. Buys all his stuff from Cathay Photo.

He has a very friendly and engaging smile, but whenever I asked him to pose for me, he would put on this serious face, and stay very still. Oh, well, that was him as he wanted to be portrayed, so I am posting it instead of a sneaky candid. That's his cleaning cart, which he constantly works on when he is not cleaning the condominium.


Canon D30, Sigma 20mm 1.8, f6.7, 1/350s, ISO 400

:embrass: gee... a cleaner with a love for photography, wanting so desperately so save up for a F80, pricked my heart abit.

Good stuff. hey street shooter, ur my mini-national geographic :)

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