Why Carousell is such a crap platform for sellers of goods and services! Scammers and buyers from hell! Avoid @zamorano17 @ucantseemee


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Jun 8, 2022
These are examples of why Carousell is such a crap platform for sellers of goods and services. Screenshots are attached.

Avoid zamorano17!
Shameless Malay Grab driver SNE4192K, AVOID! Stated clearly all meetup terms (cash/fund transfer) 6 hrs prior, else meet the next day but kanchong spider urgently wanted $8.90 item in a suggested 28 min time, confirmed with only 12min notice?!

He claimed to be able to meet anywhere cos he lives 1 MRT away, but fool got stranded @ taxi stand betw 2 taxis, didn't bring exact $. Kanchong rude king also horned taxis to get lost for him!

Bigshot thinks that he can 1)demand private info i.e. mobile no./home address which are supposedly against Carousell rules anyway; 2) dictate payment methods that he wants? For $8.90?!

Why bother to agree to do a deal, pay the money, then leave a negative review saying they did not like the terms of the deal? What kind of Stupidity is that?
Don't agree with seller terms, juz get lost and go elsewhere! What makes him think that he can leave a negative review without getting the same negative review in return exposing his lies?

Really REGRET being kind/flexible in dropping everything 2 meet him ASAP! Yet ingrate lied In the negative review that the seller was being inflexible. Due to lame ducks like these buyers, sellers should just be strict with terms of transaction, such as no last minute deals or changes in meeting timehe
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2024-02-01 17_50_48-Greenshot_result_result.jpg

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This is another example of a nightmare "buyer" - typical scammer targeting high-value items, making a deal, not completing the transaction, but asking for a lot of personal information such as address and personal mobile number when all that was not relevant or no longer necessary.Why bother leaving a negative review if you don't like the terms of the deal? Just get lost and go elsewhere!

The only conclusion is that he is a scammer that failed in his scam attempt and wants to scorch the earth. He must be really dumb to think that the seller will not expose him with screenshots!
Scammer alert! Zero stars for this scammer only possible! Insisted on phone number & postal code when I already told him the meeting place with exact location & GPS coordinates on Google Map. Transaction did not happen because he also wanted to use HIS OWN payment method. Seller rules, terms & conditions are clearly stated, either follow or go buy elsewhere! Instead left revenge negative review!

Follow-up review

Offer/date/day/time agreed & EXACT GPS coordinates @ carpark given for pickup of 20+kg item in Carousell comms. My biz whether u carry on your head? Scammer targets high value items but never intended to deal. Insisted on pointless postal code & phone no. saying another person will contact me. Last message from him was "Ok" but MIA & left -ve feedback! Screenshots on Clubsnap, search"ucantseemee".
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