Calling for Volunteers - 23 - 24 Nov and 30 Nov - 1 Dec


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"Kapit Filipinas - Wishes From Singapore" which means "Hang On Philippines - Wishes from Singapore" is an initiative by ClubSNAP, together with some Filipinos photography groups to do fund raising for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The funds raised will be given to Mercy Relief disaster efforts in the affected areas.

Over the 2 weekends after next, we will be taking photos with instant prints at 2 locations and soliciting donations at Orchard Rd area. The photos will uploaded onto (tba).

The details of the locations will be as follows

a. 23 Nov - 24 Nov, 10am - 5pm @ Far East Plaza (location here:

b. 30 Nov -1 Dec, 10am to 5pm @ Orchard Shopping Centre (location here:

We need volunteers for the following

1. Members to take photos (thats the easy part)
2. Able to approach strangers to take photos and collect donation in the donation tins (this need thick skin and ability to connect with strangers - not easy but most fulfilling)
3. Organise and Upload photos to Facebook and computer.
4. Operate printing station.

We will operate with a central work area and 5 teams comprising a minimum of 3 personnel - a photographer, a printing operator, a donation drive person.

We will operate on 2 shift a day:

Shift A - 9am to 2pm
Shift B - 1 pm to 6pm

Manpower required per day is 38 persons

Central Admin area: 4 persons

Photo team: 15 person
3 persons per team

If there are more people then better.

Please go to the following thread to register:

Saturday 23 Nov :

Sunday 24 Nov :

Saturday 30 Nov :

Sunday 1 Dec:



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My uncle Gerry lives in Tacloban, Philippines and survived Category 5 Supertyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan. He chose to stay to clean up and rebuild.

These photos were taken by him early today, Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

All your help is appreciated. The Visayas thanks you.

Follow or add him on Facebook (he accepts almost everyone) to have a 1st hand account on day to day recovery of our city.