Bounced flash reflector from Cathay Photo

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Jan 18, 2002
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I am not related to Cathay Photo, but I think this product might interest members here:


Quote from the website:

Lumiquest Promax 80-20

The ProMax 80-20 enlarges and redirects 20% of the light at a 90° angle from the flash and allows 80% of the light to pass on, to be redirected by another surface -- most likely a ceiling.

Application: This device illuminates the scene with light bouncing off the ceiling while providing "fill" light off the bounce device itself. For use in situations where an 8-9 ft. ceiling is available.

Light Loss: Variable depending on ceiling height.
Dimensions: Folds flat to 4 1/2" x 7 1/4".

If you want 100% reflection you can just cover the opening with a reflective card.



It is listed in the "Clearance" section on their website, so I guess that would be the final price. Of course, if you can get enough people to do a mass order, you might be able to lower the price further.


Hey Roy, I am interested and will check it out next week SEED. Can I use this on my Video Light?

Originally posted by Kevin
Hey Roy, I am interested and will check it out next week SEED. Can I use this on my Video Light?


I believe this is designed specifically for a flash with a pan and tilt head.

Are you referring to a flood light for use with a video camera? I am not sure if you can modify it to work on that. "Not likely" would be my guess. You should check with the shop person during the next SEED.

Good Luck!


I'm pretty new to this.

So can I use this with my digicam? Or maybe I should put it, is there ANYWAY for my flash to bounce with my original digicam's flash without using an external flash unit?


That's right. You when using bounced flash, you loose a portion of the flash output. The built-in flash of digicams would be too weak to benefit from bouncing. Not to mention the difficulty to do so, due to the fixed orientation and small size.

do youthink this will work for flash that cannot tilt up 90 degrees? I think mine's only 70 degrees max.

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