B&W posed picture taken in Aus

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Feb 28, 2002
This is a picture I took for one of my Photomedia assignments. Light was by way of a table lamp (flourescent).

Unfortunately, the picture is a little dusty since it was done about 6 years ago in 1995.


A little too high contrast for my liking (but if that's the effect you're trying to achieve, then that's fine :) ). The messy background stuff is also a little distracting.


Actually, I didn't have much of a choice...the picture itself on paper would probably look less distracting coz my scanner cropped off the top of her head... (sorry about that but it's printed on 12x8)

I did the printing myself and tried to burn in the nose a little but didn't really get the full effect that I wanted.

Most of the pictures I took at the time are high contrast. I think it was the "fashion" at that time :)

The scanner also does little justice to the depth perception of the picture. Maybe if we ever meet up, you could take a look at it (the real print that is).

Some more shots I took whist in Perth...



Missed the chance to get her look at the camera...it was a candid by the way.




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Hey vince, welcome to the club!

The shot is a bit contrasty like ckiang mentioned, but I like it! Composition is good, the background on the left is a bit messy and probably can do better without, but it's a great shot! Hope to see more from you :)

Thanks for the encouraging words :) I'll definitely be going out to take more although I prefer B&W.

haah yea babY! i love b/w :)

i like the contrast of the 1st pic. a tad too contrasting. i wld love to see the original pic. it looks to me there's too much light onto the model's face/legs (Esp the legs!). the effect may work if the background is darker or black or much less distracting (esp on the left corner)

i tried doing portrailts first time b4. same b/w, develop on my own blah blah... photography class :) wasn't that happy. so im trying again! haha. i think love contrasty stuff :) check out my abstract stuff at


Hi Vince, welcome to the club. We'll be anxiously looking forward to seeing your work of art. :)

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