Arsenal wins F.A. Cup!

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Woohoo~ After last year's heartache...this season's cup victory was sooooo....let's just say I had to wait one whole year for this moment :)

*giddy with happiness*

Trafford and Manchester we come :cool:

/me waves Arsenal Banners around!

Did manage to go on location to cover the F.A cup final......

but i did manage to be "live" at my neighbourhood kopitiam
Lots of people...and bookies...dangerous to be whipping my camera and point. Hehehehehehe


Arsenal scores the first goal!!


Apparently..the front row are the people who betted on Chealsea. Hehehe

Draw is wat Arsenal needs. A win is wat man u must get. Probably man u would go for the jugular and arsenal just striving to draw the game. Tat's my opinion.

But.... it would great to win or draw at old trafford, coz the championship will be decided. Right? (correct me if im wrong)

It would such a great feeling to lift the trophy at the theatre of dreams...haaahahaha


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