A Photo A Day 2019 Guidelines


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Jan 16, 2002
This photo gallery is set up to allow members to document and showcase ONE picture taken daily during 2017.
  1. Each member to create their own thread to document their daily picture. Suggest to prefix the thread with your nick eg [Darren] - A Photo A Day 2019
  2. Post ONE (and only ONE) picture taken during the day into your own thread. To assist other members understanding (and also to remind the poster) of the image, it is encouraged to post information on why, how, when the picture was taken and the significance of it being chosen as the picture to post for the day.
  3. Please try to keep comments short and simple as the intent of the thread is to showcase a daily record of images for that member. Threadstarter may request for pruning of comments to keep thread clean in which case, comments will be split off to another thread.
  4. Where possible, please add a date to the image when posting.
  5. Unnecessary posts will be removed without prior notification.
The above are meant as guidelines for the time being, and may be changed, updated or amended in future.

Moderators have been assigned to oversee postings in this forum, please consult with them if any member encounters issues.


A Photo A Week

Some members have asked whether they can post A Photo A Week and the answer is "Yes!".

We do ask members to name their threads accordingly, eg :-
[Darren] - A Photo A Day ; and/or
[Darren] - A Photo A Week

To indicate whether their threads are updated daily or weekly. With that said, this section is now open for business, and we shall see how the threads grow for the next year.


The APAD Project 2018 Gallery will be left open for another 2-3 weeks so that members can tidy up their threads, after which it will be made into an archive.

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